We're closed for now but sowing seeds for things to come, inshallah...


What the heck is going on here?

We're a tiny little one day a week bakery/pizzeria in Mina Zayed serving Roman style pizza al taglio (by the slice), focaccia and cookies. We're open Thursday evenings (when we can be, which isn't now) from 6:30pm.

**** During this time we're only open for preorders on Tuesday morning at 10:00am. Orders are collected on Thursday evenings between 5:30-8:30 and scheduled via link in your order's confirmation email ****

Our online shop "opens" for pre-orders with a new menu on Tuesday mornings for Thursday pickups.

Why only Thursdays?

Because we're a tiny little shop and we're a father and son operation and because we prioritize quality over convenience and mostly because we'd love to become that thing you look forward to every Thursday evening...

And because we choose to build our business in a more organic and sustainable way.

Why no pizza online?!!

Because our focaccia travels better, it's more resilient than our pizza and because I feel we can better protect its quality. We'll get pizza online as soon as we can match the quality in-house and that will probably mean a limited menu but I'm working on it, believe me... *** We're now offering 3 varieties of pizza and three focaccia every week :) ***

How does this "CHOICE" thing work?

The coolest thing about our Thursday nights were the people in our line, the conversations had and the friendships made. Sure we make pizza but that's just an excuse for bringing people together. I don't want that to go away. And this is the best way that i could think of interacting with you, our guests, and of you giving me some feedback and of pushing each other to build a community... If you want our "Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Marzipan Focaccia" then you're probably going to have to rope some friends into voting it up at least until people have tried it :) 

* Vote with the blue button on the bottom right*

If you'd rather just get an email or Whatsapp message every Tuesday morning with this week's menu then leave your details after voting or in our "Mailing List" link below... 

Pre-orders open Tuesday mornings and close once we've sold out which is earlier and earlier but definitely within an hour. Pickups are ready on Thursday evenings from 5:30-8:30, next week's bake is your choice.

How does the voting thing work?

The place to vote is in the bottom right corner, there's a blue circle with a white "solidarity" fist in it. Click there! Vote for your favorites or write one in and I'll consider it for next week. Voting ends on Monday evening. We tally the votes and open the shop for orders on Tuesday morning. We're baking at capacity which isn't that much volume, yet, but we'll try to increase and to meet demand weekly. Then Thursday you pickup in Mina at Marmellata.

Are you delivering?

Someday, maybe but for now no, it's too expensive and I just don't want to work with the delivery mafias. Your ideas are welcome :)

Who took the stunning photos round here?

Duh, only the best! Most of them are by Grace Guino @brutalgrace on Instagram and there are also a few gems by the incredible Hussain AlMoosawi whose work I adore @hugraphy on Instagram.  The rubbish ones are by me and Bas :)

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